E-commerce Themes for Shopify: Tips to Select the Best

Shopify has some of the best e-commerce themes in the market today. Selecting one from all these can, therefore, pose a challenge for any person doing it for the first time.

Given that many themes available in the Shopify marketplace cost several hundred dollars; this is not a decision that should be taken lightly. A theme is an investment that should only be made after considering many factors.

Points to Consider When Looking at Ecommerce Themes for Shopify

Expect to Get What You Have Paid

Pricing for Premium e-commerce themes has been known to vary widely. Some are free, while others will require several hundred dollars.

You should, therefore, keep in mind that as is the case with all the other things in life, expect to get exactly what you spent on the theme. Premium themes are likely to have been taken through quality control prices.

A lot of detail will, therefore, have gone into their coding and design process as development was being undertaken.

The Shopify theme store is one of the most selective marketplaces on the web today. Not all themes will be accepted into the store. Therefore, even though its themes are expensive, you can expect that the investment will be worth every penny spent on it.

But this does not mean that low priced themes are not any good as well. If you carry out proper research, you will come across outstanding themes. Just ensure that you understand what some of its limitation may be.

Look into the Developers Reputation

The developer’s reputation is an important consideration during selection. You can use your search engine to look at past reviews.

Pay special attention to the type of support that is provided by the developer. Many marketplaces including Shopify have provided a rating system. Look at the reviews left behind by people using a similar theme as you.

With reviews, you have to consider both perfect and imperfect reviews. A person is likely to leave a bad review after having a bad experience.

This, however, does not mean that the perfect reviews should not be approached with caution. It could mean that some of the feedback left behind by the users is not legit. Constructive criticism can help in such a scenario.

Be sure to check how a developer responds to the criticism. Theme selection should also take into consideration the needs of your site. Do not let a flashy design fool you.

Investigate each developer and author to learn more about them before settling on your preferred theme.